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Public Art, Welded Steel Sculpture

Neighborhood Convergence

Welcome to Emeryville  

Powell Street Undercrossing, Emeryville, CA
Team of M. Louise Stanley, Vickie Jo Sowell, Jeremy Hamm

With sponsorship of the City of Emeryville and its Public Arts Committee, the artist team of M. Louise Stanley, Vickie Jo Sowell and Jeremy Hamm have transformed the city's Powell Street Undercrossing into a larger than life tableau featuring the citizens of Emeryville.  Brightly painted steel figures are lit against a sky blue wall projecting dramatic silhouettes.   In the reversal of an arcade game, cars drive through the space while figures appear and re-appear behind columns along the pedestrian walk-way between the Marina and city of Emeryville. Emeryville citizens featured include a policeman with bicycle, a couple referring to their map, a runner with his dog, a father and daughter, and even a cameo appearance by Stanley as—what else?—the artist.


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Welcome to Emeryville