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Unruly Images
Public Art, Welded Steel Sculpture

Vickie Jo, Louise Stanley, Jeremy Hamm2019

"Tanglefoot Bee Hotel"

California Native bees love to live and wood and brick holes. There are more than 100 varieties including bumblebnees. These are not European honeybees. They are attracted by most flowers but they really love native plants and are an importnat part of our ecosystem. All pollinators are in danger but honeybees are particarly threatened because of a mite that is killing them. Their immune systems are being affected by pesticides. Normally they would be able to resist the mites, but now they cannot.

Vickie Jo, Louise Stanley, Jeremy Hamm2018


In 2018 Big Daddy's Community Garden recieved an Emeryville Community Grant to build an art cistern. It is 2,500 gallons. The art on the cistern tells the story of the ongoing story of East Bay watershed. It was built with the help of artist and graywater activist, Christina Bertea.

Vickie Jo, Louise Stanley, Jeremy Hamm






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