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Project overview for Vickie Jo SowellHOMECONTACT
Unruly Images
Public Art, Welded Steel Sculpture

Portfolio from the Artist's Residence

metal gate with squiggly lines and cutouts

Shiva-Skateboarder Gate


closeup of pattern in metal gate with squiggly lines and cutouts closeup of shiva eyes and skateboarder cutouts  

Shiva-Skateboarder Gate closeups


view of single gate of paradise   open gate of paradise closeup of pineapple style leaf pattern in gate of paradise

Gates of Paradise


closeup of shiva finial with mosaic tile   closeup of steel pineapple with mosaic tile  
Shiva Finial

Gates of Paradise Finial (Pineapple Welcome)


garden view with convergence heads in the background convergence heads in , metal cutouts facing each other